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How to choose a color scheme for your logo design?

Choosing a color palette is one of the most influential choices you can make to develop the beauty of a brand. Choosing the right logo color can highlight your business advantage and help you attract the right customers. All the famous logos have something in common, they are simple and use the best colors in the right way. Speaking of forms, there is no "one size fits all" solution. Fantasy, sketches, crazy ideas and even the craziest ideas can be a blow. On the other hand, choosing a perfect color combination is one of the aspects of science that can help you for logo design. This is called color psychology.

Human behavior have studied the effects. This is one of the branding and marketing pillars: If you drown in color psychiatric, you will actually be able to attract more customers with your company's logo.
Color Psychology is a long history and current research is ever more severe, because the human imagination of the color profits big companies. The rules of color psychology have not really changed and everyone can use them. This article combines the simplest but most effective recommendations that will help you attract the right audience and win customers' hearts.

Logo design focus on colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green and orange and purple.

Red Color
Although red is traditionally a symbol of greatness and power, it should be carefully used. Red nervous system promotes fear and aggression and expresses different emotions from passion. However, if you want to make decent action to your customers and promote strong associations if you are afraid to highlight bad feelings, this color is your best choice.

Yellow Color
Yellow is the color of warm and charming thinking. This color is a powerful source of positive emotions and can sometimes be troubled. In addition, yellow promotes an action. However, unlike the red, yellow is a party's atmosphere and does not mean any radical or emotional basis.
If you want to present the good news, be sure to use this sun in the logo.

Blue Color
Dark blue and light blue belong to the "cold color" type. It's just a colon because nothing with color temperature. However, for a reason blue is called "cold". It's water and sky color. It can focus on calm and focus, focus on the job. It should be said that blue customers are stunned to stimulate decisions. But once you can build confidence, you can trust in the coming years.

Orange Color
Orange is located between the red and yellow colors in the palette, combining the psychiatric meaning of the two colors. The combination of two dynamic colors is not looking new.
However, despite its "warm" nature, orange is more fine and comfortable. Make a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Green Color
Combines freshness and nature with green sports and healthy lifestyle. It talks with silent and positive decisions. Green is a thin balanced combination: it is not provocative as red, nor yellow as aggressive, blue as silent. If you want harmony and simplicity, then you have to choose green.

Purple Color
Purple is the color of the nobility and the royal family, spirituality and magic. Violet is tied to strength and greatness just like red. At the same time, however, it has a noble and soothing connotation.
Although they are "cold" like blue, violets do not irritate the nervous system and do not cause people to take action. Yet it is the color of success, wisdom and trust. This certainly gives rise to respect for your brand.

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