Monday, 22 August 2011

Thousands of Badin victims still waiting for relief

 Updated at: 1130 PST, Monday, August 22, 2011
Thousands of Badin victims still waiting for relief

BADIN: There are thousands of victims in Badin who are lying under open sky and waiting for help on the streets where even clean drinking water is not available in the cities as well, Geo News reported Monday. The condition in the relief camps is still worst in the calamity-hit Badin.

According to the statistics provided by the government sources, rain and flood victims are still being transferred to these relief camps and the current figure has crossed 140,000 in 400 camps while more than one million are still stranded in flood water.

Non-availability of clean drinking water has also affected the urban areas along with rural areas. Water reservoirs are short of clean water, therefore the supply has been halted and affectees are seen carrying containers in search of drinking water.

In relief camps, the situation is not much different as the supply of food is unable to meet the current demand.

DCO Badin said that the flow of water has decreased to 15ft, however, the condition is still worst, as skin and gastro diseases have spread in the camps.

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