Friday, 9 September 2011

Diamond fetches $2.84 million at auction

 Updated at: 1516 PST,  Friday, September 09, 2011
Diamond fetches $2.84 million at auction CLEVELAND: A 43.5 carat diamond was sold through an online auction for $2.84 million. The yellow diamond known as ‘The Golden Eye’ was confiscated from a smuggler by the FBI in 2006.

The actual value of the diamond has been widely speculated. Some have said it was worth as much as $20 million. It measures about 1 inch long and three quarters of an inch wide.

The US government seized the jewel in late 2006 during an undercover federal sting that led to criminal convictions against former Stark County businessmen Michael “Mickey” Miller and Paul Monea.

The diamond was being used in a private sale to launder drug money, authorities said.


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