Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pakistan must unravel Haqqani Network: US

Updated at: 0400 PST,  Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Pakistan must unravel Haqqani Network: US WASHINGTON: The Pakistani government must act to clamp down on the Haqqani network, blamed for the attack on the US embassy in Kabul, a White House official said Tuesday.

"The Pakistani government needs to take action to deal with the links that exist there," said spokesman Jay Carney, adding "the Haqqani network is responsible for attacks on the US embassy in Kabul and on ISAF as well as some others."

Last week, the outgoing top US military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, bluntly accused Pakistan of "exporting" violent extremism to Afghanistan through proxies and warned of possible action to protect US troops.

Asked whether questions were being raised about the large US aid to Pakistan, Carney told reporters that: "We obviously are always reviewing our aid programs.

"I believe the State Department and others have talked about that. I do not have anything new to add on that. We obviously take it seriously and discuss these matters with our Pakistani counterparts." (AFP)
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