Monday, 5 September 2011

Search operation concludes in Godhra

 Updated at: 1141 PST, Monday, September 05, 2011
Search operation concludes in Godhra

KARACHI: A late-night clash between two groups claimed the lives of five people in New Godhra Society Monday while injured seven others, Geo News reported. Police and Rangers also arrested several people during the search operation that has concluded now.

Funeral prayers of the clash victims were offered however the area is still in the grip of tension.

According to police, the clash started between at the Pankha bus stop in Sector 7 of New Karachi after a man, identified as Abdullah, was killed in a firing incident late on Sunday night.

As a result of firing, five people including 22-year-old Sohail Ayub, 35-year-old Abdul Ismail, 26-year-old Noor Mohammad, Mohammad Yousuf 30 and Ayub Majeed 56 were killed while seven people including a woman wounded.

The encounter created tension in the area, where armed men from both sides resorted to aerial firing causing shops to close.

Police and Rangers personnel later arrived in the area and began a search operation and arrested some culprits.

Due to operation, the residents were bound to remain indoors while children could not attend schools. However, security personnel allowed people to go to work after search.


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