Friday, 30 March 2012

Touch hardware and Windows 8

To make sure that the Windows 8 experience works well on your existing Windows 7 PC, we’ve been testing a bunch of them. Listed below are some of the newer Windows 7 systems that are commonly used within the Windows organization. This is not an endorsement, and users of these PCs should not expect official support from PC vendors when installing Windows 8.

  • HP Elitebook 2760p convertible
  • ASUS EP121 tablet
  • Dell Inspiron Duo convertible
  • Lenovo x220t convertible
  • 3M M2256PW 22” display
  • Samsung Series 7 slate
To support our commitment to customers who upgrade, we also frequently test Windows 8 on a broader set of in-market systems. We listed many of these systems in the previous post, and will now share some of the data we collected. Our test team collected data on how the Windows 8 touch interactions perform on 64 different Windows 7-era touch screens. As seen in the pie charts below, the data covers a variety of different form factors and touch sensor technologies.

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