Sunday, 1 April 2012

Developing Metro style apps (JavaScript)

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]
Learn how to create a Metro style app using JavaScript. Metro style apps are focused, fluid, and elegant. From the new Start screen to new UI layout and controls, the presentation of your app is about showing off what it's great at.
Note If you're looking for C#, C++, or Visual Basic documentation, click VB/C#/C++ and XAML in the language selector near the top of the page.
Before you begin
Be sure you've read:

Steps to developing Metro style apps

  1. Create a UI Learn how to create a user interface for your app.
  2. Define application resources Learn how to define your app's resources to improve maintainability and localization.
  3. Respond to user interaction Learn how to respond to touch, keyboard, mouse, and ink.
  4. Work with data and files Learn how to bind data, read, write, and save to files, as well as how to manipulate XML data.
  5. Connect to peers, web and network services Learn how to create connected apps. A connected, or network-aware app, can use the network for a variety of purposes including RSS feeds, games, and to interact with nearby devices.
  6. Manage user info Learn how to use roaming credentials, how to authenticate users with Live Services, and how to set up single sign-on.
  7. Launch and resume apps Learn how to launch, suspend, and resume your app while keeping app data safe and fresh.
  8. Add multimedia Learn how to capture multimedia, play audio and video, process image files, share or stream media, and transcode multimedia.
  9. Integrate devices, printers, and sensors Learn how to support devices like printers, cameras, sensors, removable storage, and more. You can also learn how to choose the right motion and orientation sensor for your game, how to use a light sensor to adjust screen brightness, and how to detect a user's geographic location.
  10. Create Windows Runtime Components Learn about creating components (essentially DLLs) in C++, C#, or Visual Basic, and call into them in a simple and natural way from a Metro style app using JavaScript.
  11. Globalize your app Learn how to use tools to debug and test your app.

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