Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Super Bundle for Web Designers (10 eBooks)

Smashing Magazine publishes eBooks on a regular basis in the field of Web design and development. Now you can get all Web design related Smashing eBooks in one swoop and benefit from 20% discount!

This Smashing eBooks Bundle contains the following 10 eBooks:
Professional Web Design, Vol. 1 (242 Pages)
Professional Web Design, Vol. 2 (279 Pages)
Mobile Design for iPhone & iPad (304 Pages)
Mastering Photoshop, Vol. 1 (178 Pages)
Mastering Photoshop, Vol. 2 (216 Pages)
Getting the Hang of Web Typography (242 Pages)
User Experience Design (134 Pages)
Psychology of Web Design (272 Pages)
User Experience, Practical Techniques, Vol. 1 (149 Pages)
E-Commerce Websites (266 Pages)

Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle (DRM-free)
Language: English
Publisher: Smashing Media

Full Product Description
Smashing Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to Web designers and developers worldwide. Its rigorous quality control and thorough editorial work has gathered a devoted community exceeding half a million subscribers, followers and fans. Each and every published article is carefully prepared, edited, reviewed and curated according to the high quality standards set in Smashing Magazine's own publishing policy. Smashing Magazine publishes articles and eBooks on a regular basis with topics ranging from business, visual design, typography, front-end as well as back-end development, all the way to usability and user experience design. The magazine is — and always has been — a professional and independent online publication neither controlled nor influenced by any third parties, delivering content in the best interest of its readers. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to assure that the quality of the published content is never compromised.

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