Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Yahoo dives deeper down the Node.js rabbit hole with open-source Mojito

Yahoo dives deeper down the Node.js rabbit hole with open-source Mojito

Today, Yahoo is open-sourcing Mojito , a bit of software that uses JavaScript and Node.js to run a single codebase on both the client and server side.
Mojito is one of a few Node-centric projects Yahoo’s been brewing. Collectively called Cocktails, they embrace cutting-edge technologies and platforms in a way that is surprising if you haven’t been following developer news from Yahoo over the past couple of years.
Yahoo started dabbling in Cocktails a while ago. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, Yahoo’s platform vice president, has called Cocktails “a bunch of tricks to make web applications feel native.”
Today’s release, Mojito, is a first step in that direction.
“There are some JavaScript frameworks out there, and some of them focus on the server side, some run on the client side,” said Fernandez-Ruiz in a recent phone conversation with VentureBeat. “And we’ve been saying for some time that we want people to be able to run the same code on the client side and on the server side.”

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